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Guangzhou Planet Hotel

Guangzhou Planet Hotel is located in Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou City, with superior geographical location, various professional markets and convenient transportation. It is the distribution center of domestic fashion and jewelry, and also the best choice for Chinese and foreign merchants.
It was created by Marc, a Chinese from Canada, the maple leaf country Founded by Mr. Wang, in order to adapt to the development of the times and bring the new ideas from abroad back to China, he is committed to building a new concept hotel in the region, striving to bring forth new achievements and create a school of his own. Marc ? Mr. Wang takes the universe, planet, space-time, future and other elements as the creative soul of the hotel, and takes human exploration, knowledge seeking and mystery solving as the spiritual pursuit of the hotel. Integrating the universe and other elements, the star themed hotel emerges as the times require.
Its design concept is fashionable and elegant, dream of the future, through time and space, leading the wave; The style is unique, taking the gold, wood, water, fire and Saturn in the universe as the keynote, and combining with the five elements of Chinese life theory, the two are skillfully integrated and complement each other. The colors of the hotel rooms are closely related to the theme, orderly and freely retracted. The use of colors is pleasing to the eye, while the use of elements of the five elements makes the texture clear, the structure bright, the graphics concave and convex, and the visual effect refreshing.
It is a masterpiece of the hotel center. The comfortable environment, creative space, warm and romantic atmosphere will make you have a lasting fragrant mood experience, which will make you deeply impressed by your stay in the hotel and add a more charming flower to your memory.

Breakfast price: CNY88($12.2) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Guangzhou Planet Hotel
Tel: +86-20-86666612
Add.: 58 Zhanqian Road, near Guangzhou railway station